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The three main contributors to the work we describe here are Dr. Rajdeep Singh, Mr. Jamie Lawson, and Dr. Eugene Hubbard. Gene and Jamie have worked together for nearly a quarter century. Rajdeep, Gene and Jamie have worked together for more than a decade. Jim Lawson serves as a liaison to energy and machinery sectors, while Damanpreet Singh advises on issues of mobile applications and software development:

Dr. Rajdeep Singh is a data scientist firmly grounded in mathematics and situational understanding with over 15 years of experience working on multi-disciplinary projects. His research areas include cyber security, network analysis, especially social networks, data fusion, statistical models, prototype building, simulations, and analytics. He has a PhD in Control Theory from UCSD with emphasis on adversarial reasoning and has over a dozen publications in peer-reviewed journals/books/conferences. Dr. Singh has held Top Secret clearances, and completed “Data Science and Big Data Analytics” training from EMC2 in 2012.

Mr. Jamie Lawson
 is a computer scientist with 30 years of data science experience. His areas of interest include scheduling, graph/network analysis, simulation and modeling, optimization, bioinformatics, scientific applications, data fusion, and machine learning. He was Software Lead for the Advanced Technologies Team at Lockheed Martin's La Jolla facility, and was a Lockheed Martin Fellow (the highest honor given to Lockheed technologists) for more than 5 years. For six years prior to that, Jamie worked in the Decision and Secure Systems group at BBN. He holds a Masters' degree in Computer Science from SDSU. In graduate school he taught advanced undergraduate courses in Computational Statistics (now seen as part of data science). Mr. Lawson has nearly two dozen peer-reviewed publications in areas ranging from physics and biology to complex systems, and software construction. He has also held Top Secret clearances, and completed “Data Science and Big Data Analytics” training from EMC2 in 2012. Jamie's complete resume is available here.

e-mail: jamie.lawson@s3datascience.com

Dr. Eugene Hubbard is a regular collaborator and computational science consultant to S3. Gene was trained as an astronomer. He earned his PhD in Astronomy from the University of Arizona, and worked at Kitt Peak Observatory and the UCSD Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences before leaving academia to join the Titan Corporation thirty years ago. Gene's work typically involves both hardware and software and the interactions at the boundary between the two. In terms of the Knowledge Pyramid, hardware brings data in at the very bottom of the pyramid (sensors), and produces efficient action at the very top of the pyramid (effectors). Software handles most everything in the middle. Gene has also held Top Secret clearances, and has managed a broad variety of programs ranging from remote sensing to advanced communications and satellite radio, to quantum computing. He has numerous peer-reviewed publications in astronomy journals.

Jim Lawson is a subject matter expert in machinery and energy, including oil and gas. He serves as a consultant to S3, providing a liaison to the energy and machinery business sectors. Jim started drilling oil and gas wells on the Bolivar Strike when he was in high school more than 60 years ago. He studied Diesel Technology at Alfred State Polytechnic on a Westinghouse scholarship and after graduation joined the US Army, where he manned Nike missile sites during the early Cold War. Jim has engineered large industrial machines for more than 55 years, first with Dresser Clark and then with Solar Turbines where he spent 49 years. Solar's primary business is producing mechanical drive (pumps, compressors, and engines) for oil and gas pipelines. Jim was Solar's representative to industry standards groups including the American Petroleum Institute for nearly 20 years. He still serves on the API's Machinery Experts Group.

Damanpreet Singh volunteers his time with S3 and provides expert advice on software development and mobile computing. Damanpreet holds a Masters' degree in Computer Science from UCI and has extensive experience in mobile applications and full life cycle software development. For the past five years, his work has focused on mobile applications, with emphasis on verification, testing, and requirements capture. Most of this work has dealt with the banking and finance industry where security, privacy, correctness, and robustness are paramount. Damanpreet also connects mobile devices to backend databases transforming mobile handsets into a source of enterprise transactions. If you have used a banking app that allows you to deposit a check by snapping a photo, there is a good chance that Damanpreet was one of the key engineers. Damanpreet also has extensive experience managing offshore software development teams, and coordinating outsource and insource development efforts.

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