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S3 supports flexible working arrangements, with various tradeoffs in rates, intellectual property rights, and relationships. Here are a few of the options.

  • Expert Consulting Services: We can provide our expertise on a simple per hour basis, and deliver reports or software tools as appropriate to support your decision chain. In the case of decision support reports, we would almost always operate under non-disclosure, but would retain rights to the information processing tools. For instance, we often find it necessary to develop simulations of processes to quantify the expectations we report on. If we write a simulation and then report on the results, we would typically retain the rights to the simulation code. Where we produce software tools that are injected into your enterprise, we would typically share rights to the software, and in certain circumstances grant you exclusive intellectual property rights. We may also provide a "pilot program" as part of an expert consulting consulting service in order to give the customer some control of risk. Expert consulting service rates are adjusted to reflect the specific arrangement.
  • Preferred Customer Services: When we work with a customer on a number of projects and develop a mutual trust, we develop a "preferred customer" relationship. This relaxes some formalities and extends others. For instance, we may put less detail in the description of specific deliverables in a Statement of Work, but join in the customer's scrums or other business processes. This kind of relationship typically requires us to access the customer's enterprise systems, and sometimes the customer requires that we do our work on customer-owned hardware. Preferred customer services are usually provided on fairly long term contracts with dependable workloads that we can plan for.
  • Strategic Partnership: Strategic partnerships arise when we work with a partner to build products that both parties have a stake in. Typically--though not necessarily--the tools that result from a strategic partnership are not used directly by the partner in their decision support process. Instead, we are developing a product together, to offer to the market.
  • Basic Research: We enter into basic research agreements with partners to work on open research problems. One characteristic of these kinds of relationships is that the deliverables typically include research papers for submission to scholarly journals.
  • Goodwill: A big part of the reason for S3's existence is to do good in the world, and so we sometimes produce technical reports or end user products purely to achieve that. One characteristic of such a relationship is that none of the parties to the relationship expects to make money as a direct result of the work.

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