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Covid-19 Interactive Demo

The following featured work is a community collaboration (aka Potluck) and a public service pilot we have developed during our COVID-19 quarantine time. All contributors are from San Diego and have worked together under one roof at some point and been remote collaborators for several years. Even though we are all working under separate corporate banners now, the quarantine brought us together and we created a small pilot on one of the most critical and pertinent topic of our lifetime. In the interactive dashboard below, we provide visualization for COVID-19 data from multiple sources. The dashboard also allows the users to compare two locations using some data-driven annotations we have added to the raw data provided by John Hopkins and New York times (see data source links below). 

Weekly average Daily cases per 100k 
California, and US Mainland

Two weeks ago
Last week

 This week
 September 15th September 21st  September 27th


 September 15thSeptember 21st September 27th



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Supported Annotations 

We provide the following annotations in the current deployed version. 

Spread rate

  • Spread rate = (Log[Confirmed cases at time t] - Log[Confirmed cases at time t-delta]) / delta

Daily Growth rate

This metric provides an indicator for the inflection point on the logistic curve that an epidemic follows. A value switch from greater than 1.0 to less than 1.0 and staying below 1.0 indicates that we are close to an inflection point. The inflection point moves with various interventions such as quarantine, social-distancing etc.

  • Daily growth rate = [New confirmed cases at day D / New confirmed cases at day [D-d] ](1/d)

Crude Confirmed Fatality rate

  • Confirmed fatality rate = Cumulative deaths at time t / Cumulative confirmed cases at time t

Daily Cases per 100k

We are using a measure provided by ESRI for epidemic control assessment. An epidemic is considered controlled when there is maximum 0.5 new case per 100,000 people for a period of 21 days. 



Stephanie Siu, UI Lead
Sam Patel, Deployment Lead
Rajdeep SinghJamie LawsonAnalytics Leads

Data Sources

Development kit

The analytics portion of this work has been developed in Scala.
The UI is driven by the Angular framework.
The charts are provided using non-profit license given graciously by AnyChart.
We are using Netlify for CICD. 

Quarantine Covid 19 Pilot Git hub page


There are a few countries and counties missing due to data sanitizing issues that would require significant effort to include - so we have settled with 95% of the locations from the data sources. All work shared here is for educational and informational purpose and users should use their own judgment in using the metrics and trends from this dashboard for any COVID-19 related social engagement strategies.  

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