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Differences and Similarities between 2016 Presidential Hopefuls Based on Kickoff Speeches

We performed word frequency analyses of the campaign kickoff speeches from several major candidates in the 2016 US Presidential election, visualizing the results using word clouds. The examples below compare some Democratic contenders to some Republican contenders. The leftmost and rightmost columns of the three column format give a cloud containing the most frequent words that only one of the candidates used in their kickoff speech. The intent is to show the themes unique to each candidate. The middle column gives clouds of the words both candidates used frequently, but there are two clouds in the middle because the candidates give different priorities (based on frequency of word use) to the themes they had in common. We seek only to present the information, and make no attempt to draw semantic conclusions.

Bernie Sanders vs. Donald Trump

There are more differences than similarities, and even within the themes both touched on in their kickoffs, there are marked differences in their priorities. 

Word Cloud Trump Word Cloud Common  Word Cloud Sanders

Hillary Clinton vs. Ben Carson

Once again, there are more differences than similarities.

Word Cloud Carson    Word Cloud Common  Word Cloud Hillary




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