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Helping Our Leaders Stick to Their Words

A Word Cloud is a visualization of text data where the importance of each word in a text corpus is proportional to the font size or emphasized by color. Word Clouds are useful for quickly assessing the main ideas. Here, for instance, are a couple of word clouds for the kickoff speeches of four leading candidates in the 2016 US presidential election (two from each major party). The reader can quickly assess certain things about the priorities of each candidate, and also the similarities between candidates.

 Hillary Clinton

 Bernie Sanders

 Jeb Bush

 Donald Trump

An executive might use a word cloud to quickly assess, for instance, what people are saying on Twitter this week about his business. There are a number of tools--some free and easy to use--to make word clouds. We use Mathematica, which is neither fee nor particularly easy to use, but allows a great deal of control. As an example, an executive might be less interested in exactly what people were saying about his business on Twitter and more interested in the sentiment. We have years of experience in sentiment analysis and can use word color to encode whether the words people are using are favorable, unfavorable, or neutral. The executive might also be more concerned about the difference between what people were saying this week and last week. To make sense out of this, we need control of both the content and color coding.

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