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Control: The Uncle Fester of the Data Science Family

We have a data science blog at Data Science Central that whimsically compares the role Uncle Fester plays in the Aadams Family to the role that control theory plays in data science. The blog is in four parts, the last of which is not yet published.

  • Part 1: Deals with a general taxonomies of data science and simulation science, and how the two complement one another. It also identifies control as a key component of both data science and simulation science.
  • Part 2: Deals with a taxonomy of optimization. Identifies optimization and data fitting (e.g. regression analysis) as the same problem.
  • Part 3: Moves into the theory of control.
  • Part 4 (pending): Deals with difficult issues in control in the real world; things like selecting the best controls in the absence of important information, or in the presence of deceptions in the operating environment.

We hope you find the blog worthwhile reading.

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