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What's Your Problem?

We're problem solvers. Usually the solutions make use of computers, and pretty much always make use of math. We've learned to operate in a lot of problem domains. Usually the math is pretty similar, and the computers are almost always similar. We work with the Subject Matter Experts in each domain, but if you are optimizing a function, it doesn't matter if the goal is to minimize the amount of fuel a rocket burns or to maximize the number of shoes sold; the math is the same. What does matter is whether the function is discrete or continuous, how noise effects the outcome, etc. It also matters that we work very closely with the Subject Matter Experts to understand the problem and make sure that we are solving the right problem.
Computation is a universal language for describing and solving problems. And we may be able to solve your problem whether it's:

  • Investing to minimize risk at a given level of return;
  • Understanding customer sentiment;
  • Streamlining service processes;
  • Planning delivery routes;
  • Securing against a hostile adversary;
  • Understanding customer and user patterns;
  • Knowing what the outlier cases are; events that are unlikely to happen but would be disastrous if they did;
  • Bringing a mobile app to an army of volunteers;
  • Deciding when to replenish inventory;
  • Describing patterns and determining whether a given data example fits the pattern.

So what's your problem? Let us know. Maybe we can help.